Hi, I’m Cara. I am a freelance writer, substitute teacher, volunteer Bible teacher, and mom of two daughters. The phrase Stand Up and Live Your Life sums up my philosophy. I am passionate about people, especially children. My goal is to inform, inspire, and enrich people’s lives. I love nature, travel, and language. My interests include parenting, wellness, and teaching.

There have been a few chapters to my life. I grew up in Northern Minnesota where I spent my summers wilderness camping. I learned to love and respect nature. It taught me resilience and built my physical and mental strength. I gained an inner reserve of calm and peace that I hope never runs dry.

I began my married life in Minnesota as well, but on the western border with North Dakota. I found nature there to be much different, but I learned to find beauty in the pure vastness of the prairie.

My husband and I pursued a missionary career, which brings me to my third chapter. Life in Latvia was in many ways different than anything I had ever experienced, but I found comfort in similarities. Again, the inborn connection Latvians have with the earth was something I took with me and has become a part of me. We spent 7 amazing years and gained another home.

Chapter four brings us to the present. We live in New England and are now parents to 2 precious daughters. The adventure of parenthood is unlike any experience we’ve had before. The previous chapters have helped us prepare for the challenges parenthood brings.

Work with me

You can email me at standupandlivelife2@gmail.com or fill out the form below to work with me. I am highly motivated and detail oriented. I would love the chance to bring impact and story telling to your next project, whether you want a well written landing page for your business website or engaging content for your blog. Really, any piece that requires connecting with your readers is my cup of tea. As a writer, I believe in telling an inspiring story that touches hearts and leads to an epiphany. My style tends to be descriptive, although in marketing I lean towards impact, with shorter phrases and more headings.

If you have any comments or questions, leave them below.  Also please check out my social media feeds and feel free to share.